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Blink One_Eighty_Two

The Blink-182 Community

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Welcome to the Blink-182 community "one_eighty_two"

Your community maintainer is steedman

This community is for anyone who has an interest in Blink-182 and wants to post pictures of the band, news, information, fan pictures or anything else you can think of to do with the band. This community is here for you to discuss anything Blink-182 related!

I do ask that you abide by a few rules when thinking of joining this community

[1]Only join this community if you are going to talk about Blink-182 related things or things related to the members of Blink-182.

[2]Please don't spam up this community, if you have no interest in this community or Blink-182 for that matter then don't join and post.

[3]If you're posting a picture, use an LJ-cut tag please to save space.

[4]Tell all of your friends about this community or anyone you know who's interested!

[5]Have fun!!